Ocean Paddler Talks about Ocean Paddling Mindset

Paddling Mindset

I’ve been an ocean paddler now for just 18 months and in that time have noticed that some beginners advance at a faster rate than others.  In this article I reflect on what I have seen and offer a hypothesis that relates to mindset. When I first stared ocean paddling around eighteen months ago, I quickly […]

Surf Ski Training at Mooloolaba Beach

Surf ski Training Mooloolaba

Surf ski training at Mooloolaba beach is always fun.  Every Wednesday morning the crew gathers to practice.  Today was no different except the swell was at around two metres and I couldn’t participate.  So I decided to get some footage of the crew in action. Below is some footage of the paddlers practicing “ins and outs”.  […]

Surf Ski Choices For Learning How to Paddle

Stealth Surf Ski

Selecting the right surf ski when you’re staring out can be daunting.  There’s so much to choose from out there and everyone’s got an opinion to offer.  I took a deliberate approach to selecting my first surf ski and while it might not be the right approach for you, I hope it helps you decide.Continue […]

How to Remount Your Surf Ski or Ocean Ski

How to Mount Your Surf Ski or Ocean Ski

Learning how to remount your surf ski or ocean ski is one of the most important skills you must learn. If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend that you learn to master this skill very early; it will make your paddling more enjoyable and could avert disaster.

Paddling Runners in the Ocean with a Surfski

Surfski Runners Mooloolaba Beach

If there’s one reason why I took up paddling it’s to catch runners at Mooloolaba Beach.  Here’s why… For some years now I have been swimming at Mooloolaba Beach a few times a week with a group called the “Mooloolaba Beach Bums”.  Sometimes, when the conditions are right, we see surfski riders catching runners from the […]

Paddle Length Guide for Beginners

Paddle Length Surf Ski

There has been a lot of discussion and many studies conducted to find the right paddle length for ski paddling.  I am not sure that there is a conclusive guide as it depends on the individual (e.g. height, weight, experience, strength etc).  Nevertheless, there are some general guidelines which I will share with you here. […]