Ski Paddling Courses

Our ski paddling courses are delivered online only.  Each course consists of a series of video's delivered by our Paddling Instructor, Buck Rogers.

Buck has 15 years experience paddling surf ski's and has mastered the techniques to achieve a balance of power, speed and efficiency.  His students speak highly of his methods and report huge improvements from week to week.  Here's more about what you can expect from the ski paddling courses...

Beginners Paddling Course

The Beginners course is designed to meet the needs of those who are new to paddling through to those who may have been paddling for up to 2 years.

Course Objectives:  To provide students the ability to paddle efficiently and increase their enjoyment.

Course Content

The content of this course is suitable for anyone considering getting into paddling or those who have up to two years of padding experience and what to consolidate their skills.

Advanced Paddling Course

The advanced course is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to take their paddling performance to the next level.  From catching runners to competing at the highest levels in surf ski and ocean ski competition.

Course Content

The advanced course is designed for those intermediate and advanced paddlers or who are looking to improve their performance and learn more advanced skills.