The New Ski’s by OCEAN Surfski Australia

Demo of OCEAN ski in Mooloolaba

Yesterday Buck and I headed for Clarke Park in Mooloolaba to try the new SKI’s from Ocean Surfski.  Here’s a few thoughts from my (limited) experience.

Before I go on I should say that I have now been paddling for a little under 4 weeks.  So I’m no expert on the subject of surf ski performance.  So what I have to say here is purely from a personal perspective.

OK, now that I’ve qualified all that, let’s get on with it.

We met Mario and his partner at Clarke Park in the afternoon and soon had 3 ski’s in the water (Mooloolaba River).  Buck took the OSS:3 for a spin and seemed to enjoy the experience.  His comment was that he enjoyed the sound of the boat as it picked up speed.  The venturie really makes a loud noise!

The OSS:3 is an intermediate ski so I expected it to be challenging for me.  Their web site describes it as the “sports car” of the series designed ambitious and experienced paddlers.  So what an I doing in one of these?  Maybe being too ambitious?

The layup of the OSS3: is 15.5kg and has dimensions of 6245mm x 450mm.  It is certainly longer and narrower than my Epic V8 so I expected it to be very tippy.

I had no trouble mounting and was soon away and paddling.  There were a few wobbly moments as I paused to re-balance myself but it was amazingly stable for a ski of these dimensions.  The other thing I noticed it that it was very fast when compared to my V8.

I managed to handle the ski comfortably after paddling for a few minutes.  I really enjoyed the sensation of speed and listening to the venturie as it vigorously sucks water out of the cockpit.  It’s a bit like listening to a Harley Davidson motor bike as it accelerates up the road.

When I returned to shore, Buck “encouraged” me to try the OSS:2.  This is described as a pure racing ski for the lighter paddler at elite level.  That’s certainly not me!  I am a beginner weighing 93kg’s!  Needless to say this was way to challenging for me.  I just couldn’t get going and spent more time in the water than in the ski.  On a positive note, I did get a lot of practice getting back into the ski.

Buck handled the OSS:2 with ease and seemed very quick across the water to me.  Other more experienced paddlers also handled the ski well and also seemed to move very quickly through the water.

All in all I really like the OCEAN ski’s.  Very sleek looking which I am told is typical for Italian designers.  The ski is fast and surprisingly stable for it’s dimensions (the OSS;3 that is).

They do have an OSS:4 which was not available at the demo.  I understand that’s even more stable and suitable for beginners and rough conditions.  I’d like to try it one day.

Thanks to the guys from Ocean Surfski for the opportunity to try their ski’s.  If you get the opportunity to attend a demo day, I encourage you to do so.  It’s well worth the experience.

If you have tried any of the OCEAN Surfki range, please leave your comments below?

You can find more on the models here >>>