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Online Ski Paddling Course for Beginners.


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Ski Paddling Course for Beginners

Are you keen to learn to paddle a surf ski or ocean ski?  Have you seen others having fun and wondered how to get involved?

Maybe you already paddle and you're frustrated with your paddling progress? Have you considering giving it all away because you feel it’s just too hard?

If you’re starting in the sport and want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly then our online beginners course is perfect for you.

When you invest your time and money into ski paddling, you want to get the most out of it and avoid the frustration of only making progress slowly. You also want to make sure you don't form bad habits that could take years to correct.

Until now there’s been no comprehensive online course to learn how to get the most from your paddling.  There's a lot of information on Youtube but it's spread all over the place and not all of it is helpful.  Our online video course offers a one stop shop for all your learning needs and is delivered by a popular ski paddling coach with more than 15 years experience.

When you join the beginners course you'll also get access to a private online Facebook group where you can ask questions of Buck (your coach) and other enrolled paddlers.  You can opt to send Buck video of you paddling for his analysis and feedback.  It's also a great place to organise paddling outings and get others to join in.

Imagine powering through the water effortlessly or catching runners with ease. Why wait? Sign up below and achieve your paddling goals sooner!

Course Modules

When you subscribe to the beginners course, you'll get instant access to the following video modules...

  • How to take part - an explanation of how you can get involved in ski paddling.
  • Equipment and clothing - equipment you'll need, safety gear and what to wear on the water.
  • How to mount your ski - It's important to learn the correct technique to get back in the boat when you fall out.
  • Getting out of trouble - What to do if and when you find yourself in trouble.
  • Ski paddling technique - correct technique to get the most out of your paddling stroke.
  • Drills and exercises - to commit your good technique to muscle memory.
  • Bonus modules - we can't say too much about these!

We've added a couple of short video's to give you some idea of what you can expect in the beginners course.

Reduce Your Learning Time

Now you can shorten your learning time and start having fun sooner with Buck’s online ski paddling course for beginners. It’s very affordable and you can progress at your own pace.

When you register, you’ll start receiving information on:

  • How to select the right ski for your objectives and capabilities,
  • What you need to ensure your safety,
  • How to set up your equipment to get the most out of it,
  • Tips and tricks to improve your stability,
  • Improving your paddling technique.
  • Exercises to strengthen your stroke and generate more power,
  • Drills to improve your performance, and
  • Preparing to move from flat water to the ocean.
Learn to Paddle Surf Ski Course Beginners

What You Get when You Sign up for the Beginners Course

From time to time we open the doors to a new set of students.  For each course we only enrol a limited number of students.  When all the allocated seats are filled we close the doors.  

The reason is to ensure you get the attention you deserve while you're learning.  It also enables us to take feedback about the course from students and make improvements. These improvements are then available to new students and all those who enrolled previously.

  • Lifetime access to the online video training.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can discuss topics with your coach and with each other.
  • Discounts on future courses and offers from our partners.

Find Out What Other Students Say

Buck has more than 14 years of ski paddling experience and is well known on the Sunshine Coast as a great coach. Here’s what some of his students have to say:

It's not easy to learn to paddle properly. There's always someone willing to give you advice and sometimes it's clearly wrong! I started in Buck's beginner group and soon realised that it's a good way to learn. He has a lot of experience in surf skiing and is an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend Buck's lessons to anyone wanting to learn to paddle correctly right from the beginning.

Mooloolaba, Australia

I wouldn’t be paddling if it wasn’t for Bucky. I joined Buck’s training program because I heard such good things about it. He has an amazing reputation and I now understand why. It’s because he is so passionate about teaching others to paddle and is willing to give you so much of his time so that you can get it right. I also find his routines vary and are interesting and he caters to all level of paddler. Bucky is awesome!

Mooloolaba, Australia

When I was learning to paddle Buck helped me in so many ways.  Most importantly he encouraged me when I was finding it challenging to get the basics right.  I am glad I sought his help because now I am paddling strongly and have not developed many bad habits.  If you are starting out then I strongly encourage you to join Buck's program.

Palmwoods, Australia

Watch video testimonials from Buck's students here >>>

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