Stories from Buck’s Students

Some of Buck's current and previous students talk about their paddling experiences.

Alice Wood

Alice learned to paddle in Buck's earlier classes.  After 3 years Alice feels much more confident in the water and is working on improving her already sound technique.

In this video, Alice emphasises the social and fitness aspects of paddling, especially for those of us who are getting on in years.

Alice spends most of her paddling time in the rivers and beaches on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Suzanne Hamson

Suzanne and her partner Clinton share their ski paddling stories.

Suzanne was paddling outrigger canoes before switching to an ocean ski.  She now owns two skis and has introduced her partner Clinton to paddling.  This is her story.

Suzanne talks about how she got into paddling an ocean ski, what she learned from Buck, some of the lessons she has learned and offers tips for beginners.

Russell Wood

Russell was attracted to surf ski paddling many years ago.  He enjoyed watching people on skis catching waves and thought he would like to do the same.

Three years ago Russell met with a friend who was importing surf skis to Australia and decided to buy one for himself.  As you'll see in his video, this has been an excellent investment.

Russell paddles regularly and can be seen in the waterways and the sea on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.