Surf Ski Training at Mooloolaba Beach

Surf ski Training Mooloolaba

Surf ski training at Mooloolaba beach is always fun.  Every Wednesday morning the crew gathers to practice.  Today was no different except the swell was at around two metres and I couldn't participate.  So I decided to get some footage of the crew in action.

Below is some footage of the paddlers practicing "ins and outs".  They line up along the beach and listen for the calls: "Set em up", "Face the water" and "Go"!

When the call to go is heard, everyone gets into their surf ski as quickly as possible and paddles out through the break.  With a swell of around two metres this morning there was plenty of action to capture.  I hope you enjoy the footage...

This surf ski training video shows how much fun it can be to ride the waves.  If you think it's too hard to participate then watch the video again.  One of the ladies is older than 70 years of age and she's doing it! 

So can you.

Practicing "ins and outs" is a great way to develop your stability in your surf ski.  The waves and white water are quite unpredictable which helps to develop a "feel for the water".  In my limited experience practicing beach entries and exits has helped me fast-track my stability.  In my view it's one of the best surf ski lessons for beginners.

Many beginners are hesitant when it comes to paddling in the beach break.  That's understandable and there will be a few times that you fall out.  However, if you start small and build up there's a lot to be gained.​

Start in small surf and as your skills and confidence grows you'll soon be testing yourself in rougher and bigger conditions.  Apart from all that it's really good fun as you can see from the video.

Would you like to learn how to ride a surf ski like the people in this video?  It's easy to get started.  Check out the details at the ski paddling course for beginners page.