Lost GoPro at sea off Mooloolaba

The Day I Lost My GoPro While Paddling In The Ocean off Mooloolaba

On a recent Saturday morning (around 7am) I took my surf ski out to sea from Mooloolaba Beach with a small group of paddlers.  When we were about 1km out to sea I saw some whales so broke away from the group to follow the whales.

I had a GoPro fixed to the back of my ski and was hoping to capture some good footage.  Anyway, the sea was very rough and I was being hurled all over the place; so not ideal for filming whales.

When I got back to shore I noticed that my GoPro was lost.  It had dislodged from the back of the ski.  I knew it was hopeless even thinking about looking for it.

The next morning a friend sent me a message via Facebook that went something like this…

On Saturday afternoon I went for a paddle from Mooloolaba to Caloundra.  After paddling about 1km out to sea I turned South and began heading for Caloundra.  At some point in amongst the white water, jellyfish and waves I spotted a GoPro floating in the water.  I collected it and took it home.  When I placed the sim card into my computer I was surprised to see Keith Burgess in the footage.  So Keith I have your GoPro; found it half way to New Zealand!

When I reviewed the footage on the camera I noticed it was hit by a boat and captured images of something swimming past.

Here’s some footage from the recovered camera…

I’m going to buy us a lotto ticket this week as I recon there’s more chance of winning Lotto than finding a GoPro floating in the rough seas.  What do you recon?

While the camera was bobbing around in the ocean, something swims past.  What do you think it was?  Let me know in the comments section below...